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December, 2014

Personal Health Ownership

“I was having a conversation with my mom recently and she spoke of some of the challenges she’s had with making sure her doctors have all the information about her health. Even when they’ve been given such information or went through a medical episode with her, she noted “they don’t remember”. Guilty here! I admit that my own memory is imperfect regardless of how special the relationship or what shared history I have with a patient.
The traditional paper medical record is especially notorious for failing to be helpful in such situations. And, I’ve yet to personally experience the electronic medical record that nicely captures a patient’s complete medical story at a glance. Until we have a fully interoperable electronic information network, and alas, probably not even then, you will find your medical team at risk of functioning with incomplete information in caring for you.”

Carrie Nelson, myPHR, 14 March 2011

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